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Door Handle Springs - Flat Section Wire

Door Handle / Lever Springs, Spiral or Scroll Shape, Flat Wire

We suggest that you first select a spring on the basis of the number of turns.  Most springs have either 2 turns or 2+1/2 turns but there are also 2+1/4, 2+3/8 and 2+5/8 turn coils.  After choosing the number of turns then choose the thickness.  A spring which is too thick may make it difficult to replace the circlip and may cause the handle to stick.  A spring which is too thin will give excess play, giving the handle a loose feel.  Our guide to choosing the correct door handle spring shows how you can select the correct thickness of spring by comparing your broken spring with a 2p piece, £1 coin or £2 coin.  After choosing the thickness please select the appropriate sub-category on the left to narrow your search (or if reading this on a mobile click the 'Filters' button below).

Our range of flat wire door handle springs are not handed (the same spring can be used for either a right hand or a left hand handle). Please note we are currently unable to answer technical queries unless it is with respect to an order you have already placed.  You may find our guide on How to Fix a Door Handle useful.