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How to Fit a Letter Plate Spring


Letter Plate / Letterbox Spring Dimensions

The spring shown in this guide is intended to be fitted without any modification and suits rods up to 5.5mm diameter.  If, however, the dimensions of this spring are not suitable for your letterbox we also offer springs in coil lengths of 20mm, 26mm, 34mm and 39mm which can usually be cut to size (see Letterbox Springs). 

Although the spring shown has an internal diameter suitable for rods up to 5.5mm diameter it will work equally well with smaller diameter rods. The springs are made from 1.4mm diameter galvanised wire for corrosion resistance. This is a slightly thicker gauge of wire than that used in our other letterbox springs and as such gives a good restoring force for the length of the coil (a firm feel but won't take the postman's fingers off!)

The pictures below show how to fit the spring.  If your letter plate has a highly polished finish it may be worth putting some tape over the flap before starting (the flap can rub against the plate whilst the spring is being fitted and leave small scratches).  Sometimes the rod needs a little persuasion to slide out of the hinges, but a slight tap with a hammer or a tug with some pliers normally does the trick.

Inserting rod into coiled section of Letter Plate Spring

Step 1 - Insert the rod through the hook of the spring and the hinge until it just enters the coiled section of the spring.

Twisting the actuating arm under the Letter Plate Spring

Step 2 - Twist the actuating arm under the spring.

Continue to push rod through the Letter Plate Spring into the second hinge

Step 3 - Once the actuating arm is in position, continue to push the rod through to the second hinge.

The Letter Plate Spring correctly fitted


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