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Choosing the Correct Door Handle Spring

Choosing a Door Handle Spring - Thickness Guide

How to Select the Correct Flat Wire Door Handle Spring

  1. Choose the number of turns.  Most flat wire door handle springs have either approximately 2 turns or 2.5 turns, but there are some exceptions.
  2. Choose the thickness.  A spring which is too thick may make it difficult to replace the circlip and may cause the handle to stick.  A spring which is too thin will give excess play, giving the handle a loose feel.  We do, however, sell a range of washers that can take up excess play should this be necessary (see Spacers, Cam Washers and Circlips)
Our 2-turn coils are available in thicknesses of 2.5mm, 2.0mm and 1.8mm.  Please note the 1.8mm coil has slightly more than 2 turns and the 2.0mm coil has slightly less than 2 turns. In this instance we would suggest choosing the spring which most closely resembles the number of turns of your existing spring rather than choosing on the basis of thickness.
Before purchasing a 2 + 1/4 turn spring we recommend reading When should a 2 + 1/4 Turn (or 2 + 3/4) spring be used?
If your handle is a Lever on Rose type (lever mounted on either a square or circular rose rather than a large plate) then the spring may not have a hook at the top.  If you type 'Lever on Rose' into the search field at the top of this page you will be able to see all our springs of this type.  The extra photographs in the product listings show the springs mounted in their respective roses.  However, please note that some Lever on Rose handles do use a spring with a hook.  As always, compare your broken spring with the pictures on this website and use the coin guide to assess the thickness.
Some Rothley Brass door handles use what we term a 'wrap around handle shaft' type of spring.  These springs 'wrap around' the handle shaft, rather than having an inner lug that locates into a slot on the handle shaft.  Click here to identify if you need this type of spring.  Search for 'wrap around' in the search box at the top of the page to see a selection of this type of spring.

Our range of flat wire springs are not handed (the same spring can be used for either a right hand or a left hand handle).  Click on Door Handle Springs - Flat Section Wire to see the full range.

Please see our guide on How to Fix a Door Handle for fitting instructions.
Round Wire Door Handle Spring coils with arms in different positions
How to Select the Correct Round Wire Door Handle Spring
  1. Note the arm positions.  Do the arms point up and down (as in the top 2 springs in the picture) or does one arm point towards the centre of the coil (as in the bottom 2 springs in the picture)?
  2. Note the external diameter of the coil in mm
  3. Note the number of turns the coil has
  4. Calculate the wire thickness.  This is best done by measuring across several turns of the coil and dividing by the number of turns.  Many springs are made from 1.65mm diameter wire.  A 1p piece (dated 1993 and later) is exactly 1.65mm thick.  You could stack 1p pieces next to the coil for comparison.
  5. Note the length of the side arms
Click here to see our full range of Round Wire Door Handle Springs

Its not always possible to get an exact match, but often a close match works.  If the springs you purchase do not fit we're happy to offer an exchange or refund.
Please note the above information is provided subject to our general Terms of Service.  These can be accessed by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.