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2 Turn Door Handle Springs (without hook), 2.5mm Thick (Pack of 10)

Northern DIY

Currently we are not accepting orders on this website, but you can still order most of our products on (Just Google 'Northern DIY Amazon Storefront'). We will recommence selling on the website later in the year. You are welcome to use this website for instructions and product specifications, but we are currently unable to answer technical queries unless it is with regards to an order you have previously placed.

  • £8.45

Pack of ten 2-turn, 2.5mm thick, 26mm diameter door handle / lever springs.  Please see additional photo for detailed dimensions.  These springs are suitable for several types of Lever on Rose Handles including models from Carlisle Brass, Euro Spec, Fortessa and Access Hardware.  However, please note that some Carlisle Brass Lever on Rose Handles take a similar 2mm thick spring (listed separately).  Some Carlisle Brass Lever on Rose handles also take a standard 27.5mm diameter, 2mm thick, 2+1/2 turn coil with a hook at the top.  As always, please compare your broken spring with the dimensions/pictures on our website before ordering.

These springs can be used to replace springs of similar dimensions that have a hook at the top - just check the vertical arm at the top is long enough to engage on the post in the handle plate.



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