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Repair Kits and Circlip Pliers

Door Handle Spring Repair Kit with Circlip Pliers
Please note that we no longer sell circlip pliers and repair kits that include circlip pliers. If you need circlip pliers they can be purchased on Amazon - search for 'External Circlip Pliers'.  There are a few different makes.  We've found the Silverline PL70 to be of reasonable quality (and not too expensive), but please read the product reviews and make your own choice.  Many of our springs are also available on Amazon.  If you have Amazon prime (or spend more than a minimum amount) delivery is free. 

All of the springs previously sold in our repair kits are still available in the 'Door Handle Springs - Flat Section Wire' category.  You may wish to read our guides on How to Fix a Door Handle Spring and Choosing the Correct Door Handle Spring.

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