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How to replace a spring in an Avocet Door Handle

If your Avocet door handle uses a coil spring (as opposed to a spring cassette) it may be of the type shown in the picture below.

Avocet Door Handle - Rear View

In close up:

The first step is to remove the circlip with external circlip pliers.  The Cam Washer and Spring can now be removed.  These components should look like the ones in the picture below:

Avocet Door handle Cam Washer, Spring and Circlip

Note:  Check the tabs on the Cam Washer haven't sheared off due to the handle having been forced.  If the tabs have sheared off we sometimes have a stock of spares see Avocet Cam Washers

With the above components removed the handle looks like this:

Avocet Door Handle with Spring Removed

Next, insert the spring as shown in the photograph below.  Engage one arm of the spring first and then move the other arm around with a screwdriver until it drops into position.  It's easier if you engage the arm that is lower (closest to plate) first and then engage the other arm.

Avocet Door Handle with Spring Replaced

At this stage the spring has been pre-tensioned (wound up) as it was fitted into the handle.  Next the cam washer is refitted.  One of the tabs on the cam washer will sit just below the spring arm in the top of the picture.  As the handle is lifted up this tab will wind the spring up.  The other tab on the cam washer will sit just above the spring arm in the bottom of the picture.  As the handle is pushed down this tab will also wind the spring up.

Check the cam washer has been pressed down far enough to expose the groove for the circlip. The final step is to replace the circlip with the external circlip pliers as shown below.

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