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2+1/4 Turn Door Handle Springs, 1.8mm thick (Available in packs of 6 and 10)

Northern DIY

Currently we are not accepting orders on this website, but you can still order most of our products on (Just Google 'Northern DIY Amazon Storefront'). We will recommence selling on the website later in the year. You are welcome to use this website for instructions and product specifications, but we are currently unable to answer technical queries unless it is with regards to an order you have previously placed.

  • £7.95

2+1/4 turn coil, 1.8mm thick, 27.5mm diameter door handle / lever spring.  Please see additional photo for detailed dimensions. 

We only offer 2+1/4 turn springs in a thickness of 1.8mm.  If your spring is thicker we offer an option that includes 0.5mm make-up washers (see drop down menu above).  We also offer options with circlips.

Note - Sometimes this spring is ordered in error if a customer works out the number of turns by comparing the position of the locating post (that locates the hook) with the position of the slot in the handle shaft (that locates the central arm).  It's possible to work out the number of turns in this way, but only if you account for the fact that the handle is raised above the horizontal position when the spring is fitted (see our guide on fitting a spring).  Once the spring is fitted with the handle raised, the spring is wound up (pre-tensioned) by rotating the handle and refitting the cam washer when the handle is back to horizontal.

Please see the FAQ's section (link at bottom of page) for more information (with photographs) of when to use a 2 + 1/4 turn or 2 + 3/4 turn door handle spring.

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