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2+1/2 Turn Door Handle Springs plus Circlips, 2mm thick, 27.5mm Diameter (Available in packs of 6 and 10)

Northern DIY

  • £6.95

2+1/2 turn, 2mm thick, 27.5mm diameter door handle springs plus circlips.  Please see additional photo for detailed dimensions.  The circlips have an internal diameter of 13.8mm and are intended to fit a 15mm shaft with a 14.3mm groove machined into it.  This is the standard size used in the vast majority of door handles.  They are external circlips (so called because they fit to the outside of a shaft).  They should be removed and replaced using external circlip pliers.

The springs have a passivated zinc coating for corrosion resistance.  A larger (30mm diameter) spring with a thickness of 2mm is also available.

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