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Door Handle Springs to suit Rothley Brass Handles (wrap around handle shaft type) - Available in packs of 2 and 6

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These springs locate on the handle shaft by wrapping around it, rather than the spring having a central lug to locate into a slot in the handle shaft. This type of spring was used for many years in Rothley Brass handles (aka House of Rothley), but not all Rothley Brass handles use them - you have to check which type you need.  There is an additional photograph showing how to identify a handle that uses this type of spring without disassembling the handle.  These springs are only available in a thickness of 2.35mm. Some handles use thicker springs (approx. 2.8mm to 3.0mm).  To accommodate this we also offer packs that include 0.5mm thick washers and circlips (just select the pack type you require from the drop down menu above). The springs are available in packs of 2 or 6 (with or without 0.5mm washers / circlips).  The springs are not handed and can be used on either side of the door.

Please note that it is cheaper to buy a pack of 6 than to buy 2 packs of 2.

Note  Your broken spring may look like the one in the last photograph, with the central section of the spring open on the side opposite to the hook, instead of being open on the side adjacent to the hook.  This doesn't matter, the springs in this listing will still attach to the handle shaft and work as good replacements.

Note  If the inside of your handle does not look like any of the pictures in this listing it could be that your handle takes a round wire spring.  For example, the Rothley Brass RB/G 101 door handle takes a 2.5 turn spring made from 1.65mm round wire (the listing for this spring includes pictures of the handle plate - see round wire spring section).  


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