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2-Turn, 27.5mm Diameter, 1.8mm thick Door Handle Springs (Available in packs of 6, 10 and 20)

Northern DIY

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  • £4.95

2-turn coil, 27.5mm diameter, 1.8mm thick door handle / lever spring.  Please see additional photo for detailed dimensions. 

We also offer a 2-turn, 26mm, 2mm thick spring which has slightly less than 2 turns.  If your broken spring is larger than 26mm diameter (or has slightly more than 2 turns) we would recommend the 2-turn, 27.5mm diameter, 1.8mm spring in this listing.  Using a smaller diameter spring (or a spring with slighlty less than 2 turns) can result in the spring becoming fully wound on the handle shaft before the handle is fully depressed. The difference in thickness between the 1.8mm spring and the 2.0mm spring is not significant.

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