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2.5 Turn Door Handle Springs, 1.4mm Round Wire. Suitable for some Rothley Brass Handles.

Northern DIY

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Available in packs of 3 Left Hand Springs plus 3 Right Hand Springs or in packs of 6 Left Hand Springs plus 6 Right Hand Springs.

External diameter of coil = 21mm

Wire Diameter = 1.4mm

Side Arm length = 4mm

We offer a very similar spring made from 1.65mm wire.  You may find the additional photographs help to choose between these two types.

This spring is suitable for the Rothley Brass G102/30 handle - See additional picture.  It may suit other Rothley Brass models too.  Models RB/G 100, RB/G 101, RB/G 200, RB/G 201 take our 1.65mm spring, but please double check the wire diameter (see photo with the coils compared with a stack of 1p pieces) just to be sure.

As with any door handle spring, the spring must be pre-tensioned when the handle is horizontal.  This is achieved by fitting the spring with the handle raised above the horizontal.  If the handle is then lowered (winding up the spring), the cam washer should drop into place when the handle reaches the horizontal position and then keep the handle from springing up above the horizontal.  The pictures for our similar 1.65mm spring may act as a guide to fitting (see separate listing).

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