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2.5 Turn Door Handle Springs, 1.65mm Round Wire

Northern DIY

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  • £7.95

Available in packs of 3 Left Hand Springs plus 3 Right Hand Springs or in packs of 6 Left Hand Springs plus 6 Right Hand Springs.

External diameter of coil = 21.5mm

Wire Diameter = 1.65mm

Side Arm length = 4mm

The additional photographs show the spring being fitted to a Rothley Brass RB/G 101 door handle.  The spring is positioned below the cam washer and the only part usually visible is the top arm as it pokes through the small hole in the cam washer (see photograph).  However, if your spring is broken you may just see an empty hole here.

The springs in this listing are suitable for Rothley Brass models RB/G 100, RB/G 101, RB/G 200, RB/G 201 (These codes are stamped on the inside of the handle plate.  Sometimes the 'G' can look like a '6').  However, the springs do suit other makes as well.  Please note it may be necessary to shorten one of the spring arms to prevent it protruding through the front of the handle plate.

We offer a very similar spring made from 1.4mm wire.  If you don't have a micrometer the additional photographs may help you assess the wire gauge of your broken spring.

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