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3 + 1/3 Turn Door Handle Springs, 1.2mm Round Wire

Northern DIY

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  • £6.95

These springs are often ordered in error.  We have plenty in stock, but we have marked them as out of stock to prevent customers ordering them in error.  The spring is made from narrow gauge wire with short side arms - see dimensions below.  If you think you need this spring please send your broken spring to the address in the 'contact us' section with a note of your email address (or landline telephone number) so we can contact you. If this spring is a suitable replacement for your broken spring we will then create a special order for you.  We will return your broken spring only if you include a large letter stamp to cover the return postage.

Pack of 3 Left Hand Springs plus 3 Right Hand Springs.  Please note that this spring is made from narrow gauge wire and has short side arms.  It can be ordered in error.  A 1p piece is 1.65mm thick.  The wire used in this spring is only 1.2mm diameter.

External diameter of coil = 21mm

Wire Diameter = 1.2mm

Side Arm length = 2mm

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